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Taking care of the laundry can be a chore but thanks to these tips, we can help you make it easier.

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To remove stains caused by sweat, soak the fabric in vinegar solution, then wash using biological laundry detergent and in wash stain remover. If the item is dry clean only, your dry cleaning service should be able to remove the stain. If you're brave, you can try sponging the area with a vinegar solution or lemon juice.
To remove stains from grease, fat, and oils use a pre-wash stain remover or rub detergent on the stain, then wash it in water as hot as the fabric can handle. Repeat until the stain is gone.
To remove stains from a felt tip pen, blot the area with a kitchen towel and then wash normally. For tougher stains, rub milk on the area and then wash at 40 degrees Celsius.
To remove stains from crayons, scrape off what you can and then dab the stain with a methylated spirit. Rinse it out, and then wash normally.
To remove stains from a ball point pen, dab the ink stain with a solution of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 6 parts water, then machine wash. You can also try using shaving foam or hairspray on the stain and then machine washing. Do not try this on delicates or nylons.
Laundry TipsTo remove stains from oil & water based paint, dab the stain with a white spirit until gone, then wash in hot water with detergent. If the stain is dried, use equal parts ammonia and turpentine to saturate the spot for several minutes and then wash in warm soapy water.